Keeping your business premises or home clear, clean and tidy could be a simple sense of pride, or maybe a statement to your customers and visitors of your values, or simply to comply with Government Health and Safety requirements.
Or could it be that you just want a long lasting crystal clear-view out of all your windows,  would like the rain water to run through your guttering completely uninterrupted when that cloudburst happens, and would like 99.99% efficiency from your very expensive revenue and energy generating solar panels ?

Being one of the very few contractors with a "Safe Contractor Accreditation Certificate" in North Wales, we clean windows (inside and out), flat surfaces and gutters on very tall buildings, wide buildings, old buildings, listed buildings and difficult to get to buildings. 
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Using the very latest in "Water Fed Pole" equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning liquids, your view will be clearer for longer and your gutters will flow freely.

Best of all, it will be at a price that you will be pleased to pay.  

Our operators are experienced and well trained in effectively and safely operating the equipment in all sorts of environments. We are fully insured and also very mindful of our and your responsibility to the Health and Safety of people working at your premises.

If you have read this far... you should definitely call us for a friendly no obligation quotation 01758 750 017 (Mobile: 07875 262 191)  or email ContactUs@ClearviewWales.co.uk

Everyone should be able to see clearly outside, even the cat! 
If you have a view that you would like to see clearly, some gutters that need careful attention, or solar panels that need their annual scrub, do call us for a no obligation quotation. 
Our minimum charge to attend a domestic property with a  "cleaning service" is only £34. Call 01758 750 017.

Solar Panel Cleaning
Why keep your solar panels clean? 
To improve energy output. Dirty solar panels are inefficient and can have their effectiveness reduced by as much as 20% (more in polluted areas), by dirt, dust, rain residue, bird droppings and general airborne pollutants. So in order to get the very best energy output that you have paid for, cleaning is needed every now and then. 
How often should you clean your solar panels?
Well that depends, if they are tilted or laid flat? Tilted solar panels would benefit from a clean once a year in the Spring so as to be sure to have them at there most effective over the summer period. 
Flat laid solar panels don't have the benefit of "run-off" when it rains so residue is more prone to build up. In more polluted areas panels might need cleaning every second month. However, for areas with less dirt, it is recommended to wash them around one or two times a year. The average cost for cleaning solar panels on a domestic property is around £34 - dependent on the number, position and accessibility of your panels. Call 01758 750 017  (Mobile: 07875 262 191).

We are very pleased to be able to recommend 
Carbon Zero UK for Solar Panel installation in commercial and domestic premises.  

Equipment and Cleaning

Our operators use specially constructed lightweight extending poles which enable transfer of the liquid to the cleaning head. 
Although to the untrained eye the liquid might look like just "water", it's actually a formulation of water and other ingredients which clean the window (or flat surface), and then when dry,
helps to repel dirt and grime contained in rain and every-day pollution

Prior to cleaning gutters, using video technology, we also have the ability to view up close, any gutter blockage or residue, so if necessary you can actually see the "before and after" results of our work.

You might also be pleased to know that we do not use "Cherry Picker" industrial equipment, as in our opinion this simply heightens the risk of damage to our customers property and increases risk associated with Health and Safety. 

Our Company
Established in 2007, Clearview Wales operates from locations in the Conwy Valley and Caernarfon, servicing clients throughout Wales and the North West of England. 
Our operators are fully trained and committed to the highest standards and excellence in the work they do. 

We fully appreciate that if we can exceed our customers expectations, then you will want us to return again and again. 
We really don't mind revealing that it's our goal to be in partnership with you for a very long time. 

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We have cleaned windows, fascia's, paving and cleared gutters in Colwyn Bay, Bangor, Caernarfon, Llandudno, Anglesey, Rhyl, Holywell, Llanwrst, Abergele, Conwy, St. Asaph and..... well just about all over!   

 When looking for a reputable company to visit your premises or do work for you, make sure they can actually produce a "Safe Contractor Accreditation Certificate".